GC Tuleburg Lilac Totoro
Color: Solid Lilac Persian CPC

HISTORY: Totoro was born from a breeding of CH Foxy
Touch O Blueberry x CH Tuleburg Capuccino. His sire
was the first generation cross between a blue full-Persian
queen of the KittyCharm line and a large chocolate point
male, Kissncats Willy Wonka. Totoro passed away
recently on 4-6-15.


Bear Mtn 2

Ch Tuleburg Bear Mountain
Sire: GC Tuleburg Lilac Totoro
Dam: CH Kissncats Chocoloco
Birthdate: 5-29-02

Color: Solid Lilac
Above picture taken at 9 months.
Bear has an important place in our cattery as a
stud male.
He has a short body and tail, a tiny
nose, and a huge fur coat, which he gives to his


1seraph red pillow
Tuleburg Seraph
Sire: Tuleburg Angelo Rosso of Aolani (Flamepoint)
Dam: Ch. Fullmoon's Fancy Pants (Bluecream Point)
Born: July 31, 2008
Color: Flame Point Himalayan
Seraph sires lovely kittens, with great fur and sweet
personalities. He does produce placid, fat kittens.
One we have kept, “Furrever Ember,” is shown on
the Females page.


1 Barack the beautiful

Ch. Tuleburg Barack (black/white bicolor,
carries chocolate)

Sire: Ch. Jordanalisa's Horatio Caine

Dam: Aolani Baby Ruth (Black CPC)

Born: April 28, 2008

This sweet boy gets to stay with us. He had a
lovely litter of 3, bicolor and Himalayan
kittens with
Ch Patsquats Bluesbird, and we
have kept the lilac and white male kitten
from that breeding, “Lilac Surprise”, shown
him to championship, and hope to
use him in our breeding program.


Cream Dream:show

"Ch Lilac Lace Cream Dream of Tuleburg"
Sire: Mauarista Mr. Bogart of Lilac Lace (Blue)
Dam: Windy Valley Miss Victorian Delight (Red/White)
Born: March 15, 2010

Cream and white bicolor male shown at Vallejo,
CA, Cat Show on 10-16-10. He was shown to
championship in Pleasanton, CA on April 2-3, 2011.

He’s staying here, and is producing lovely kittens.

Lilac Lace 1 yr
Ch Lilac Lace Cream Dream at 11 mo, and 9#

With sincere thanks to Marlo Freye of Lilac Lace Cattery
for this beautiful addition to our breeding program.

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